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Velocity and Arm Care Program  Baseball · Male Advanced

Winter 2018
Oct 29 ’18
Jan 26 ’19
Registration Dates:
Oct 10 ’18 – Oct 30 ’18 regular
Individual Fees
Regular $600.00
Payment Plans Available

COST:  $600.00 (HBA Players will receive a $100 discount.  Contact John Ratzloff for the discount code).

TIME SLOT:  Please check your preferred time slot during the registration phase.   The program will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays. 

This program will consist of multiple phases:

The first phase will concentrate on getting players arms conditioned after time off from their seasons, as well as introducing them to all of the prep work (discussed later), plyoball drills, and recovery protocol.  Phase two is an extension of phase one and will include an increase in volume and intensity, focusing on the development of efficient arm patterning and energy transfer.  The third phase has the most focus on building velocity.  We will emphasize intent to throw hard and learn what that feels like.  During the fourth and final phase, we will work on blending everything into game usage (pitching from a mound, throwing out a base stealer, etc.).  Each day will begin with some sort of self-myofascial release (foam roll, lacrosse ball, etc.), mobility work, and a dynamic warm-up.  This will be followed by plyoball drills and simulated long toss (specifics will vary based on the week).  Deeper into the program, weighted baseball throwing will be next.  Lastly, and most importantly, we will conclude every session with arm care/recovery.  

A strength program will be included but not directly monitored.  It will be expected that each player keep up with and log their progress.  Overall strength is absolutely crucial to the development of each athlete.  Just because this will not be overseen does not make it optional.

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