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Velocity/Arm Care Program (with Strength & Conditioning)  Baseball · Male

Oct 28 ’19
Jan 31 ’20
Registration Dates:
Oct 13 ’19 – Oct 27 ’19 regular
Camper Fees
Regular $700.00
Payment Plans Available

2019-2020 Velocity/Arm Care Program

Duration: October 28 - January 31

  • Lifting (approx 35 sessions)
  • Throwing (approx 35 sessions)

Cost: $700 for HBA Members (70 combined sessions) 

    • ($995 for Non-HBA Members)

Location: Sports Performance Center by HBA 

  • Lifting (Weight Room)
  • Throwing (Turf)

Schedule: We will work to accommodate schedules to the best of our ability

  • Throwing will be MWF after school
  • Lifting will be MWF throughout the evening
    • Some T and Th will be utilized as necessary, as well as some morning sessions before school (both Lifting and Throwing)

Overview: This year's program will offer a similar structure to last year with some HUGE upgrades, including a strength and conditioning program, a larger facility, and a professional movement assessment.

The addition of a true strength and conditioning program will be a game changer for our athletes.  This will provide them a foundation of movement and strength that will improve their ability to stay healthy as well as create a base of athleticism upon which to build velocity.  The movement screening will give each player a prescription for mobility and help maximize the transfer of weight room athleticism into on field performance.

The turf area at our Sports Performance Center is large, open, and completely netted off.  This will allow us to have a more efficient use of time, as well as provide more space to see the ball travel during long toss, and various weighted ball drills.

Following the success of last year, we will use the same type of throwing progression in our training.  This will include warmup/mobility, band work, plyo drills, long toss, and (eventually) weighted baseball throws.  We want every player to enter the program ready to progress. Therefore, I will be providing open sessions of both throwing and lifting in the month of October.  These sessions will cover basic movements and drills while getting everybody conditioned for the start of the program. There will be no additional charge for them.  The end result of having everybody up to speed in October will allow for us to add more time for pitch development and mound work in January. This will most likely include the use of technology such as Rapsodo.  I will be at a seminar in a few weeks to help determine which tech products will be best for our program.

Lastly, we will be providing intra-workout carb drinks along with post-workout nutrition.  Each player will be responsible for providing their own shaker/water bottle. Players will also be advised on overall nutrition depending on their individual goals.  

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